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Elvis impersonator
AVAILABILITY & show structure


  • Year round – special shows for Christmas and Inspirational/Gospel related events


  • Weekends preferred – please contact me to discuss other possible arrangements

  • Set length: flexible (e.g., 15, 30, 45, 60+ minutes).  Other times negotiable

  • 70s set mixed along with 50s and 60s songs


  • Rock, country, and gospel mixed sets


  • For bookings, see Contact page





  • Reasonable fees (performance + travel/mileage by
    kilometer + tax)

  • In and outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • Most occasions, including but not limited to (use of tracks):

    • Festivals

    • Grand openings

    • Fund raising

    • Weddings

    • Parties



"I first met Dave 4 years ago at the Penticton Elvis Festival and was drawn not only by his vocals but also his humble way that he pays tribute to the King of Rock and Roll. No ego here, just a genuine desire to sing his very best every single time and bring smiles to the faces in the crowd. He works hard at being authentic while never pretending to be the real thing. I am honored that Dave comes to Alberta every August to perform at my Festival. The crowds love him and so do I!"

Trudy Taphorn

Blue Suede Music Festival

TCB Rock and Roll Legends


"Last August I met you at an Elvis concert in Busby, Alberta, I introduced myself when I heard you were from New Brunswick. It was sooooo nice to meet another east coaster! Would it be impolite to ask if you are returning this year? my fiends and I so enjoyed the concert and are planning to return this year. I never had the opportunity to meet the real Elvis and if I had I never would have been able to come right up to him and talk. Your performances are the next best thing. Take care Dave and if you get a chance please advise me if you are returning."


Thanks, NG, former Caper

"David has come to Pine Grove Nursing Home to entertain our residents several times during the last 5 years. He is dependable, caring and respectful to staff and residents. David’s mini concerts are excellent and enjoyed by those attending. David tries to sing a variety of songs both secular and spiritual .We as Activity Directors appreciate having David to perform at Pine Grove ."

Anne Wood & Debra Corbin

Activity Directors, Pine Grove Nursing Home

"Dave, we were so happy to host you in our home and have you as an Artist for The Busby Blue Suede Festival. You are an amazing performer and each year gets better than the last. Hope to see you next year. Can't wait....hugs."

Tony & Claire Stitsen


"Also congratulations on placing 2nd. You did an amazing job. You have a beautiful voice. I'm still on an Elvis high."

Debra Cubitt


" I saw Dave perform twice at the Collingwood Elvis Festival in 2014. First, I saw his performance in an intimate pub venue. Besides the technical and artistic accuracy, and the notable power in his voice, he also had a relaxed, easy approach to interacting with the audience...everyone loved his performance! An hour later, I saw him again, in a very different setting. This time, he was performing two songs onstage for the semi-finals. His onstage repertoire was fascinating… For example, unfortunately, there were technical problems with the CD player, and he had to suffer through a couple of false starts as the CD player kept skipping. Finally, he simply said, "D'ya mind if I do it a coppella?" And he launched into "Danny Boy." The performance was strong and subtle...and earned him a standing ovation. By the time he did his second song (You Gave Me a Mountain), he had the audience (and apparently the judges!) eating out of his hand. His performance on stage was confident, relaxed, and consistent with the original. He's a true Elvis fan, and his love for the music shines through..."

Jonathan D., Barrie, Ont.


From Elvis fans at the Collingwood Elvis Festival:

"I will stay in touch, you were fantastic this weekend so nice to meet you"

Ashley Pigeon


"Hey buddy thanks so much! You were awesome!!!!!!!"

Dan Barrella


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